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I'm an all-round designer with 6 years commercial experience. I pride myself on good design, good user experience, and clean mark-up. My passion is design; what used to be a means to making something that simply looked aesthetically pleasing, has changed to a much more specific and considered out-look. I strongly believe that a designer's first and foremost responsibilities are to listen, to interpret a client's needs and to act accordingly to create a feasible solution.

For the last 4 years I've worked for SIFT, specifically within the PracticeWeb division. PracticeWeb is a bespoke agency tailored to meets the needs of accountants. Working with accountants has certainly proven useful in dealing with difficult briefs and getting the best out of any client. I love what I do and can't believe that I do design for a living. Talk about lucking out!

Experience at a glance: 2 Diplomas, 1 degree, 1 masters, 6 years commercial experience

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